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      ABSR Events for 2022
Easter Egg Hunt April 16
Spring Cleanup & May 21
      Town Cook Out 
Memorial Day Coffee May 30
Garden & Art Walk June 11
Necktie 5K & Walk June 18
Summerfest July 23
ABSR Annual                  Sept. 10
Halloween                      Oct. 30
KOBS Tree Decorating, Dec 10
Holiday Hop(e) Dec 17
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Beverly Shores, IN 46301-0458
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News / Articles

Town Letter on Garbage and Recycling

Published on 10/6/2012



October 5, 2012 

Beverly Shores Residents 


If you are unable to attend to your garbage cans and would 

like to deposit your refuse and recycling when leaving town, 

please use the garbage and recycling cans that are located 

between the Administration Building and the Fire Station at 500 

S Broadway.   




Please do not use the trash and recycling cans at Rebora 

Plaza for your refuse and recycling as these cans are for beach 

use only.  




There is also a small dumpster located behind the police 

station before the Community House.  These receptacles are for 

your use and convenience.  They are there to save you the 

trouble of putting out your garbage and recycling and comply 

with town ordinances.  It is also a security issue- houses are not 

“marked” as unoccupied for extended periods. 


Thank you, 

Beverly Shores Town Council 







Residential Services 


Able Disposal’s residential trash pickup service includes weekly pick-up by 

professional drivers using modern collection equipment. We provide a 95 gallon 

trash cart with our monthly rate while most other companies are still charging a 

rental fee. 

Our standard 95-gallon cart holds most weekly volumes of refuse.  


You have the option of renting additional carts for your convenience. Total refuse 

volume cannot exceed 2 yards, or 12-14 30-gallon bags. Current allowable refuse 

volumes will be changing. We are in the process of implementing a volume-based 

system in which tags will be used for all bags outside of the cart. Please call us 

about our many cost saving collection and recycling programs. 

We highly recommend that you put your garbage out the night before your 

scheduled pickup day to ensure that it will get picked up. Our routes start at 5 

A.M., so putting it out the night before is almost essential. Please be sure to bag all 

of your loose garbage to minimize litter and pollution. 

Able picks up one large item per week. Please call us before your pick up day to 

schedule the pickup so that we send the appropriate equipment. Freon items require 

special handling, and are not included in large item pick up. Freon must be 

evacuated prior to pick up. There is a charge for Freon items. 




What can I put out? 

White Goods: Stoves, Hot Water Heaters, Dishwashers, Washers and 


Small Amounts of Construction Material tied and bundled in 4 foot 

lengths or in a 30 gallon container (50 pound maximum) 

Furniture: Mattress, Box Springs, Couch 

Swimming Pool Liners  Tied and Bundled 

Branches  Tied and Bundled in 4 foot sections 

Grass Clippings  Bagged or containerized (3 Bag Limit) 

Open Paint Cans - Latex Paint (Paint must be completely dry/hard) 


What CAN'T I put out? 


Hazardous Liquids: Paints  Oil based paint even if dry, Oils, Chemicals, 


Tires or any Vehicle Parts 


Freon Units: Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers 

Dirt and Concrete 

Medical Waste of any kind 

Dead Animals 



Residential Recycling Services 


Able Disposal currently offers curbside recycling in Porter and Laporte 

Counties. If you live in Porter County, and are interested in curbside recycling, 

please call 800.828.2253. If you live in LaPorte County, and are interested in 

curbside recycling, please call 800.483.7700

Our residential recycling pickup service includes a recycling bin and every other 

week pickup by professional drivers using modern collection equipment. The 



recycle service we currently offer is unlimited service. We highly recommend that 

you put your recycle out the night before your scheduled pickup day, to ensure that 

it will get picked up. Our routes start at 5 A.M., so putting it out the night before is 

almost essential. 

You do not need to sort your recyclables. The type of service we provide is 

called single stream. Single Stream is probably the hottest topic in recycling. It's 

also one of the oldest. Back in the mid '70s, curbside recycling programs were 

single stream because they only collected newspapers. Today, single stream means 

one collection container for all paper, glass, metal and plastic recyclables. The 

materials are then separated and processed at a MRF and sold to end-markets. 

Single stream's popularity is fueled by the need to meet high diversion goals and 

cost considerations. Most people find putting everything in one container easier 

than using different bins for two or more materials. 

Making recycling less expensive is always important. Because collecting 

recyclables is curbside's biggest expense, gathering materials in one container, 

instead of several, leads to lower collection costs. Even though processing costs are 

higher, the collection savings mean lower overall costs. 

The key to single stream collection has been the technological advances in 

processing which have allowed MRFs to meet quality specifications. Processors 

are making tremendous technological strides to meet specs. If they can produce the 

raw materials end-markets want, then we will have quality and quantity. If not, 

recycling is in for a rough ride. 





What can I recycle? 

Paper: Corrugated Cardboard, Paperboard (such as cereal and tissue boxes), 

Newspaper, Mixed Paper, Catalogs, Phone Books, Junk Mail, Paper Grocery 


Glass: Clear, Brown or Green glass food and drink bottles and jars 

Metal Cans: Aluminum, bi-metal and steel cans 

Plastics: Plastic Bottles and jugs #1 through #7 


What CAN'T I recycle? 

Glass: window glass, plate glass, dishes, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors 

Hazardous Waste: Motor Oil, paint, automotive batteries, antifreeze, 

liquids of any kind 

Wood: pallets, construction lumber, tree or plant branches 

Yard Waste: Grass, leaves, tree or plant branches 

Metal: Scrap Metal, Appliances 

Automotive: Tires, Engine Parts, Body or Interior Parts 

Garbage: Garbage and Food Waste 

Plastics: Styrofoam, Vinyl Siding, Swimming Pool Liners, Children’s Pools, 

Motor Oil Containers, Plastic Grocery Bags